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AI and Cryptocurrency to Extend Healthspans and Lifespans

Rejuve.AI is applying artificial intelligence and cryptocurrency in innovative ways to enhance health and longevity. By collecting health data from willing participants via its forthcoming Longevity App, Rejuve utilizes AI to develop dynamic models of biological processes in an effort to personalize medicine and aid clinical decision-making.

The Rejuve Longevity App

Rejuve currently has a waitlist available for their iOS and Android Longevity App, which collects relevant health data from users. This data helps Rejuve’s AI systems build more accurate models for predicting health outcomes and optimizing health. App users can also earn RJV tokens – Rejuve’s cryptocurrency – as rewards for contributing their data. These tokens can then be spent on discounts for various health and wellness products through Rejuve’s partners.

Utilizing the Power of Decentralized AI

Rejuve leverages SingularityNET‘s decentralized AI marketplace for much of its health research. They employ AI techniques like the Bayesian Network and Generative Cooperative Network to make the most of their data. This helps Rejuve develop tools like an AI-powered age calculator and lifestyle analysis algorithm called LongevityGPT.

Roadmap and Ambitions

Founded in 2018 by AI researcher Ben Goertzel, Rejuve appointed a leadership team in 2021 and launched a beta version of their app and RJV cryptocurrency token this year. They plan to fully launch their Longevity App in 2024 along with premium subscriptions, personalized health plans, and potentially clinical trials leveraging their AI models.

With its recent partnership with NOWPayments, Rejuve aims to allow users to spend their RJV tokens on services from 11 different platforms through NOWPayments’ crypto gateway.

While Rejuve.AI’s journey has just begun, their ambitious vision of harnessing AI and cryptocurrency to extend healthspans and lifespans shows plenty of potential to make an important real-world impact in the years to come.


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