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Art Tech CEO Asif Kamal Sues Yuga Labs After ApeFest Incident: Potential UV Damage Leaves Attendees with Eye Injuries

Art Tech CEO Asif Kamal Sues Yuga Labs After ApeFest Incident: Potential UV Damage Leaves Attendees with Eye Injuries

The aftermath of ApeFest, hosted by Yuga Labs – the creators behind the popular Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFTs, has been riddled with controversy as attendees report eye injuries potentially due to UV lighting at the event. Leading the charge is Asif Kamal, the founder and CEO of art technology company Artfi, who is holding Yuga Labs responsible for the unfortunate incident.

Following the event held in Hong Kong, Kamal took to Twitter to vent his disapproval. He reported nearly losing his eyesight and suffering intense pain and anxiety due to the incident. Kamal has also launched a petition, requesting heightened safety measures at public events.

But Kamal isn’t alone. Multiple attendees took to social media to report similar concerns. Complaints of eye pain, damaged vision, burns and other discomforts have been surfacing across platforms, suggesting a more widespread problem..

Yuga Labs’ Response: From Knowledge to Admission

Initially responding on November 6, Yuga Labs admitted awareness of the eye-related issues reported by party attendees. At that stage, while seeking the root causes, they did not acknowledge culpability.

However, as allegations mounted, Yuga Labs conceded that the UV lights used at ApeFest likely led to the reported issues. In response to the incident, they called for afflicted persons to seek medical treatment and committed to backing their recovery. The specifics regarding what this support would involve remain vague.

Financial Burden Worsens Situation for Affected Individuals

As the number of those affected rises, disturbing reports of mounting medical bills have followed suit. Individuals seeking medical attention to receive treatment for their UV-induced injuries add financial strain to their list of distressing post-event complications.

Seeking Comment from Yuga Labs

We have reached out to Yuga Labs for a statement surrounding these unfolding events and the intended steps to assuage the discomfort and unease among their loyal followers. As of yet, we have not received comment. The silence further escalates tension among those affected and the broader crypto community, fueling worries about safety at such events.

The unfolding situation paints a grim picture for crypto community events, suggesting a lack of preparedness to handle potential hazards. The need for improved safety measures is more pronounced than ever to prevent further incidents and hold event organizing companies to account.

With legal action now underway, how Yuga Labs handles the situation could set a critical precedent for other companies in the burgeoning blockchain and NFT industries. Amidst the unwelcome media coverage, it’s hoped that companies like Yuga Labs will step up their approach to safety and regain the trust of their once loyal community.


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