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Billions in Bitcoin Under Threat: Pre-2016 Wallets May Be at Risk Excavates Unciphered

Billions in Bitcoin Under Threat: Pre-2016 Wallets May Be at Risk Excavates Unciphered

In a shock revelation, cybersecurity company Unciphered has sounded the alarm bell, warning that a significant flaw in older Bitcoin wallets could expose billions in the high-profile cryptocurrency to potential theft. Highlighted particularly are wallets created before 2016.

The Vulnerability: An Old-Timey Ghost

Affecting the widely used BitcoinJS, a package for creating web-based crypto wallets, the critical flaw has presumably led to the rose-colored generation of numerous susceptible wallets over the span of years. This startling loophole was initially discovered in January 2022 when an unsuspecting customer found themselves locked out of their Blockchain.com bitcoin wallet.

Randstorm: Opening Pandora’s Box

The issue, named “Randstorm,” is a blend of bugs, design decisions, and significant changes in the functions of APIs that lower the quality of random numerical values generated by web browsers during the term 2011-2015. This weakness potentiates the risk of exploitation by potential adversaries, putting the security of these wallets and the digital wealth they safeguard under unanticipated peril.

Extent Of Damage And Possible Victims

Based on estimates by Unciphered, approximately 1.4 million units of Bitcoin (BTC) are currently lying dormant in wallets with potentially fragile encryption keys. This scenario places the worth of assets at risk at a staggering USD 1.2 to 2.1 billion. In a bid to safeguard potential victims, the firm is withholding further detailed information about the vulnerability to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

Sensitive to the software version used and the date the wallet was created, not all wallets produced during the “risk period” are impacted by this issue and the gravity of consequence varies significantly depending on numerous factors.

Moving The Chess Pieces

While raising the alarm on this cybersecurity issue, the proactivity of Unciphered did not end there. The firm promptly disclosed (responsibly) the issue to various companies, leading to several users being alerted about the risk, subsequently advising them to shift their virtual assets to safer wallets. Thus, taking a potentially massive step towards mitigating the potential hit that the crypto ecosystem might have otherwise had to endure.

Altcoins Also Under Radar

Indeed, Bitcoin wallets have been the focal point, but uncertainty lingers over other altcoin wallets as well. For instance, wallets holding Dogecoin (DOGE) might also be under this looming threat. The extent and severity remain to be fully assessed at this stage.

Immediate Action Advised

Users of potentially affected wallets are urged to promptly check their wallet’s vulnerability status at keybleed.com. Following the check, as a rule of thumb, users should speedily move their funds to new, more-secure wallets. Proactivity and swift action could be paramount in shielding these digital reserves from any adverse exploitation.

In a time where digital currencies are increasingly being intermingled with economies across the globe, they are also proving to be a honeypot for potential digital threats. Secure, responsible practice in storing these currencies is, therefore, essential to ensuring that your digital treasure chest remains locked tight against any unsolicited access.


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