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Binance Expands Offerings in Japan Amidst Stringent Token Listing Regulations

Binance Expands Offerings in Japan Amidst Stringent Token Listing Regulations

In an ambitious move to secure a firm foothold in the Japanese cryptocurrency market, digital assets exchange behemoth Binance has increased its crypto pairing offerings by 13. This move comes amidst Tokyo’s softened stances on cryptocurrency and Web3 sector regulations, creating a welcoming environment for blockchain enterprises in Japan.

Migrating Sakura Exchange Users to Binance

Binance made its incursion into Japan after acquiring Sakura Exchange, a popular Bitcoin trading platform, in November 2022. The grand launch occurred in August this year, drawing invaluable attention to Binance’s objective of leading the spread of crypto assets in the Land of The Rising Sun. The digital assets giant has since initiated the process of migrating Sakura users to its platform.

Regulatory Approvals Set Precedence

Securing regulatory approval in Japan is a challenge that several major international cryptocurrency exchanges have faced, including FTX and Coinbase. Japan imposes a strict policy on token listings, mandating coins to receive green-lighting from a self-regulating listings panel. Furthermore, the Financial Services Agency (FSA) wields the authority to have the final say in these matters.

However, all newly listed coins for Binance in Japan, including the Near Protocol (NEAR) token, EOS, Kakao’s KLAY coin, and Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR), have successfully gained the required stamp of approval from the Japanese Virtual and Cryptoassets Exchange Association (JVCEA).

Binance Japan: The Roadmap Ahead

Binance aims to list 100 tokens on its platform in Japan, a goal whose significant progress is evidenced by the current handling of 47 coins. The continued diversification of its crypto offerings comes at a time when Binance will no longer accept Japanese residents on its global site from December.

A Road Less Travelled

Binance’s strategic endeavours in Japan amplify its intent to navigate the often-turbulent waters of regulatory compliance that has grounded the attempts of other entrants such as FTX and Coinbase. Binance Japan’s CEO remains optimistic about expanding their services in Japan, highlighting the significance of this expansion strategy.

Their continued progress and optimism serve as a beacon for other exchanges, propagating the narrative that regulatory hurdles, while significant, are not insurmountable. Binance’s actions further underscore the potential for digital asset exchanges to thrive in Japan’s evolving regulatory environment.


Binance’s focused strides in Japan signify a landmark moment for the crypto exchange giant. The meticulous blend of aggressive expansion and compliance with stringent regulatory measures paints a promising picture of Binance’s future in the Japanese market. It offers a valuable lesson for other crypto asset platforms eyeing similar expansion – that diligence, patience, and strategic action can indeed broker success even in challenging markets.


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