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Bitcoin to Launch to the Moon Bitcoin to Launch to the Moon

BitMEX plans physical Bitcoin launch in 2024

Bitcoin exchange BitMEX is launching a physical Bitcoin into space on the United Launch Alliance Vulcan rocket from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, Florida in January 2024 https://www.finextra.com/pressarticle/99241/bitmex-sends-bitcoin-to-the-moon. Weighing 43 grams, the physical Bitcoin contains 1 BTC and has an engraved address and private key. It will be the first financial asset on the Moon.

The Bitcoin launch is part of a mission including 201 payloads from various entities. The Bitcoin is scheduled to land on the Moon around February 23, 2024. The mission aims to demonstrate the potential of Bitcoin in space and create a monetary system for a space economy, in partnership with Astrobotic, Bitcoin Magazine, and Oxcart Assembly.

Core Scientific reaches settlement over “nonexistent” miners

Core Scientific has reached a settlement to resolve a $34 million claim related to 70,000 non-existent Bitcoin miners with Sphere 3D and Gryphon Digital Mining https://blocksbridge.substack.com/p/core-scientific-sphere-gryphon-settlement. The settlement comes as Core Scientific nears the end of its Chapter 11 bankruptcy process, with a final hearing next week.

Sphere and Gryphon’s agreement involved a hosting contract with Core Scientific for 70,000 mining units that Gryphon failed to deliver. Core Scientific is now seeking bankruptcy court approval for an agreement granting Sphere and Gryphon $10 million in total unsecured claims https://cases.stretto.com/public…

SEC bitcoin ETF filing window opens

The window for the SEC to approve a spot Bitcoin ETF has opened, with responses expected by January 10. Market participants anticipate the approval of the 21Shares Bitcoin ETF filing, potentially setting a precedent for other issuers. The introduction of Bitcoin ETFs could attract traditional financial investors, increase market transparency and liquidity, and bring in long-term capital to the digital asset market. https://cryptonews.com/…

Telos appoints new Executive Director

The Telos Foundation has appointed John Lilic as its Executive Director to lead its evolution into a Layer 0 network. Lilic’s role includes representing Telos globally, fostering key partnerships, and guiding the foundation’s technical development, grant programs, research, budgeting, and educational efforts.

Lilic’s background includes being an early adopter at the Bitcoin Center NYC, a foundational team member at Consensys, and a top Web3 angel investor.https://www.prnewswire.co.uk/…


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