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Bitcoin’s Bullish Surge: Could We See a Santa Rally in 2022?

Bitcoin’s Bullish Surge: Could We See a Santa Rally in 2022?

Bitcoin Returns from the Dead

In a startling display of resilience, Bitcoin has this year wiped out its losses from a torrid 2021. Currently trading in the $35,300s, Bitcoin is lingering near yearly highs of around $36,000. That represents a robust recovery of over 110% compared to last year, when it had plummeted into the $15,000s. The gathered data punctures the gloom and doom predictions of critics who prematurely pronounced the cryptocurrency market dead in early 2022.

Turning the Market Tide

Signaling a change in winds, Bitcoin appears to be definitively leaving behind its bear market. With an array of indicators suggesting a shift into a new bull market, crypto enthusiasts can’t help but joyously anticipate the coin’s future trajectory. And though guarded, this jubilation is not misplaced. Bitcoin, it would seem, is once more poised for a bullish run.

An Expected Boost from Bitcoin ETFs

Adding fuel to this Bitcoin bonfire is the brewing optimism about the potential approval of spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in the United States. Approval from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) could translate into more significant institutional adoption of Bitcoin and spur considerable capital inflows. No less than Wall Street giant BlackRock is waiting in the wings to launch a Bitcoin ETF, heightening expectations of imminent SEC approval. This green light could catalyze a surge in Bitcoin’s price, predict industry analysts.

Santa Claus Is Coming to Town?

With such indicators pointing north, speculations are rife about a potential “Santa Rally” for Bitcoin. Some analysts peg the odds of Bitcoin finishing this year at even higher levels as high as 71%. If the cryptocurrency can muster an additional 65% increase before the end of the year, it could be ringing in the new year at the lofty levels of $56,000.

Is Now the Time to Buy Bitcoin?

The confluence of these factors – the resurgence from last year’s slump, the potential emergence of a bull market, the optimism surrounding Bitcoin ETFs, and the tantalizing possibility of a lucrative Santa Rally – are all signs that could make now a favorable time to buy Bitcoin. Notwithstanding the inherent and often unpredictable volatilities of the crypto market, it appears as though Bitcoin may well be on its way to wrap up an impressive comeback story for the year 2022.

But of course, investing in any form of cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, is not without risk. Therefore, potential investors should take into account their risk tolerance, financial capacity, and investment objectives before jumping into what can be a volatile market.


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