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Can Threads Dethrone Crypto Twitter? New Report Sheds Light

Can Threads dethrone Crypto Twitter? New report suggests not

Key Points:

  • Threads, the Twitter competitor launched by Meta, has seen exponential growth.
  • However, a recent report by NFT Gators reveals that nearly 70% of major players in the crypto industry have not opened a Threads account, even a week after its launch.
  • Crypto Twitter remains the preferred platform for the majority of the crypto community.

Hot take:

It seems that despite the rapid growth of Threads, Crypto Twitter is still reigning supreme in the crypto community. With only a small percentage of major players in the industry adopting Threads, it’s clear that Twitter’s dominance is not easily challenged. Whether it’s the familiarity, the established network, or simply a lack of interest, Crypto Twitter continues to hold its ground. Will Threads ever have what it takes to dethrone the reigning champion? Only time will tell.


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