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Earn up to 3% with Yield App’s XRP Support

# Yield App Expands Supported Assets: XRP and More Join the Earning Field Digital asset management service, Yield App has inducted Ripple’s XRP into its list of supported assets, providing XRP investors with an opportunity to earn up to 3% annually on their assets held in the platform. This move mirrors the recent trend in the crypto space to make digital assets not only a medium of exchange or a store of value but also a source of earning yield. Besides XRP, Yield App is also assimilating Polygon, Solana, Cosmos, Polkadot, and Chainlink into its crypto ecosystem, thereby widening the array of earning opportunities available to its users. ## Yield App: Flexible and Earn+ Integral to Yield App’s services are its two key products tailored for efficient asset management: Flexible and Earn+. The Flexible product stays true to its name, offering users the liberty of withdrawing their assets at any time. The cost of this flexibility, however, comes in the form of lower yield rates. The alternative Earn+ product swings to the other end of spectrum, doling out higher yield rates. This impressive yield too, comes with a commitment clause, necessitating a 30-day lock-up period for assets. For XRP enthusiasts, the Flexible product lays out a scale of yield rates ranging from 0.25% to 1.50% depending on the membership tier. Yield App has upped the ante with the Earn+ product by offering potential yields between 0.50% and 3.00%, again contingent on the membership tier. ## Behind The Yields Yield App’s high yield rates are not magic but instead a strategic use of tactics like arbitrage trading, interactions with other DeFi protocols and adopting a market-neutral approach. The introduction of earning opportunities like these pose an attractive alternative to direct staking of XRP, enticing a broader range of investors and elevating XRP’s role beyond being just a tradable asset. ## User Awareness Is Key Whilst Yield App offers an alluring earning opportunity, it is pertinent for users to be cognizant of the underlying risks involved in crypto asset management. Thorough research and due diligence are essential before diving headfirst into such platforms. Interestingly, the XRP Ledger is mulling over the introduction of a native Automated Market Maker (AMM) feature, symptomatic of the rapid evolution within the crypto space and ongoing efforts to enhance the earning potential of digital assets. ## XRP In The Crypto Earn Industry The incorporation of XRP into the Yield App ecosystem not only celebrates the diverse earning potentials available within the crypto space but also accentuates the role of DeFi platforms like Yield App in realising such prospects. With Yield App at the helm, the earning landscape of digital assets is shifting, opening up new avenues of yield generation and enhancing the utility of cryptocurrencies. Yielding digital assets in DeFi platforms is a novel strategy, highlighting the continuous evolution of the crypto space. The inclusions of XRP, along with other digital assets, into Yield App’s platform serves as a landmark in the crypto earn industry. Yet caution juxtaposed with an understanding of the earning mechanisms is the best bet for investors venturing into this space.

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