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Entero Positivo’s BIP39 Colors: A Creative and Secure Way to Protect Crypto Wallet Seed Phrases


Entero Positivo, a developer known as “positive integer,” has created a tool called BIP39 Colors that converts crypto wallet seed phrases into a seemingly random array of colors. This provides a new way for users to store their funds in cold storage, hiding the seed phrase in plain sight. The tool converts BIP39 words into colors alongside their hex codes, with each color representing the position of the word in the seed phrase. Storing the phrase in a disorderly way and in multiple places makes it less obvious to hackers or thieves. However, it is recommended to use the tool offline or create the color swatch manually for maximum safety.

Hot Take:

Entero Positivo’s BIP39 Colors tool brings a fun and creative approach to securing crypto wallet seed phrases. By translating the words into colors and their positions, users can hide their seed phrases in plain sight, making it less obvious to potential thieves or hackers. It’s like a secret code hidden in a colorful painting! Just remember to use the tool offline or create the color swatch manually to ensure the utmost security. With innovative solutions like this, the crypto community continues to find unique ways to protect their assets.


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