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Ethereum’s “Dencun” Upgrade to Test on Testnets in January Ethereum’s “Dencun” Upgrade to Test on Testnets in January

Ethereum’s upcoming “Cancun-Deneb” or “Dencun” upgrade is set to begin testing on multiple testnets in January, with deployment on the mainnet targeted for late February if testing goes smoothly.

Testing Begins This Month

Testing of the Dencun upgrade will begin on the Goerli testnet on January 17, followed by the Sepolia testnet on January 30 and the Holesky testnet on February 7. The upgrade code is currently under testing on Devnet 12 with all execution layer and consensus layer client combinations.

What the Upgrade Includes

The Dencun upgrade includes proposals aimed at reducing fees, enabling new features for bridges and staking pools, and limiting self-destruct operations on smart contracts. It incorporates Ethereum Improvement Proposal 4844 for better scalability and lower transaction costs on Layer 2 networks.

EIP-4844 will allow Ethereum nodes to store off-chain data temporarily, potentially reducing Layer 2 transaction fees. Other proposals in the upgrade include EIP-1153 for “transient storage” and EIP-4788 for enhanced transparency and new features in bridges and staking pools.

Schedule May Shift

Mainnet deployment is currently targeted for late February but could be delayed beyond that if testing runs into issues. If public testnet testing is not completed before the November 2023 Devconnect conference, mainnet deployment could slip into 2024.

Critical factors for deployment include code readiness, testing across layers and client team preparedness. Dencun is the first major upgrade since the Shapella upgrade in April 2022.

For more information see the official note published.


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