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Etherscan Acquires Solscan to Advance Blockchain Data Accessibility

Etherscan, a leading blockchain explorer and analytics platform, has acquired Solscan, a block explorer for the Solana blockchain. The acquisition aims to improve the accessibility of blockchain data across different networks.

Integration Plans

The acquisition includes plans to integrate valuable features on both the Etherscan and Solscan platforms. Matthew Tan, CEO and founder of Etherscan, praised the Solscan team for making blockchain data “accessible and user-friendly.”

User Base and Reach

Solscan caters to 3 million monthly users. The Solscan team sees the acquisition as a significant development to advance blockchain exploration. Post-acquisition, Solscan will focus on improved support and a seamless user experience.

Future Developments

Future developments include enhancing exploration and analysis capabilities on Etherscan and Solscan. The news was confirmed via an official statement by the Solscan team and through Etherscan’s Twitter announcement on January 3, 2024.

The acquisition further boosts Etherscan’s position as a leading explorer covering multiple blockchains. The combined resources will aim to @solscanofficial‘s efforts to make Solana data more accessible.


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