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First European Bitcoin ETF Set to Launch After 12-Month Delay: What to Expect

First European Bitcoin ETF set to launch this month after 12-month delay

Key Points:

– The Jacobi Bitcoin (BTC) exchange-traded fund (ETF), the first European BTC ETF, is set to launch later this month on Euronext Amsterdam.
– Jacobi Asset Management stated that the fund was “on track” for listing this month after a 12-month-long delay due to lack of demand.
– The ETF is expected to attract investors who are looking for exposure to Bitcoin but prefer the convenience and accessibility of an ETF.

Hot Take:

Looks like the first European Bitcoin ETF is finally ready to make its grand entrance after a year of waiting in the wings. With Bitcoin gaining more mainstream attention and interest, it’s no surprise that there is now demand for an ETF that provides exposure to the leading cryptocurrency. This launch could open up a whole new avenue for European investors to dive into the world of Bitcoin. Let the ETF party begin!


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