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Google Launches Chatbot Bard in EU and Brazil: Key Features, Competition with Microsoft’s ChatGPT, and Global Data Control

Google Launches Chatbot Bard in EU and Brazil

Key Points:

  • Google has launched its chatbot called Bard in the European Union (EU) and Brazil.
  • The AI tool now supports over 40 languages and has new features such as spoken responses, image uploads, and photo analysis.
  • This expansion puts Bard in direct competition with Microsoft’s ChatGPT.
  • The delay in launching Bard in the EU was due to concerns about compliance with GDPR.
  • Google will provide explicit notifications and control options for user data usage and storage globally.

Hot Take:

Google’s launch of Bard in the EU and Brazil is a significant milestone for the chatbot, overcoming regulatory hurdles and expanding its capabilities. With support for over 40 languages and new features, Bard is now a direct competitor to Microsoft’s ChatGPT. Google’s commitment to transparency and user control over data usage is commendable and extends beyond EU boundaries. As the battle of chatbots heats up, it will be interesting to see how users respond and whether Bard can maintain its momentum in the market.


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