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Hack Attack: Coin Cloud Security Breach Exposes Customer Data and Source Codes

Hack Attack: Coin Cloud Security Breach Exposes Customer Data and Source Codes


In recent cybersecurity news, an anonymous hacker group has owned up to a massive security breach that infiltrated Coin Cloud, a leading Bitcoin ATM operator. Allegedly, the covert criminals successfully pilfered thousands of personal images and highly sensitive data belonging to around 300,000 customers. Moreover, these anonymous intruders also purport to having seized the crucial source codes for Coin Cloud’s backend systems that power their cryptocurrency ATMs.

Data Breach Details

What began as a clandestine operation has now exploded into a significant threat for those affiliated with Coin Cloud. The amassed data includes vital facets of information such as names, addresses, Social Security numbers, dates of birth, occupational details, and phone numbers. Customers, primarily from the United States and Brazil, are now precariously perched on the brink of potential identity theft and a cascade of ensuing cybercrimes.

The Decline of Coin Cloud

The data breach adds another layer of doom to Coin Cloud’s already darkening sky. Coin Cloud, a beacon once ranked second globally in terms of the number of ATMs, declared bankruptcy in February 2023. Their disclosure revealed outstanding liabilities ranging from $100 million to a staggering $500 million. The winded company was once responsible for a network of 4,826 machines, primarily nestled within the United States, significantly contributing to cryptocurrencies’ accessibility and adoption.

Among the multitude of creditors left in limbo, Genesis, a now-defunct cryptocurrency broker, stands out as the most substantial one, being owed a whopping $100 million.

The Downturn of Cryptocurrency ATM Industry

The woes of Coin Cloud cast a dark shadow over the entire cryptocurrency ATM industry. An industry that showed tremendous promise in the initial part of 2022 slid into an unfortunate slump in its second half. Many reasons, including fluctuating cryptocurrency values and shifting regulatory landscapes, have contributed to this downturn.

Call for Vigilance

In light of the Coin Cloud digital debacle, clients are being urged to exercise utmost caution. Close monitoring of financial accounts and deployment of heightened security to protect themselves against any unauthorized transactions or potential identity theft could be vital. The prudent immediate measures to consider include enabling two-factor authentication and regularly updating login credentials.


This recent security violation highlights a stark reality of the virtual world where intangible assets are as prone to theft as their physical counterparts. The safeguard of data, especially in the highly susceptible realm of cryptocurrencies, is of paramount importance. As Coin Cloud fights its battle in the courtrooms and on its balance sheets, let this be a reminder that cybersecurity negligence can rattle even a giant.


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