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Here is my attempt at creating a news article from the provided facts: Biden’s Laser-Eyed Tweet Intrigues Crypto Community

US President Joe Biden’s laser-eyed post on his Twitter and Instagram accounts late Sunday intrigued the crypto community.

The image posted was captioned: “Just like we drew it up.” Biden’s post follows the Kansas City Chiefs’ victory over the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl, winning their third title in five years. “Just like we drew it up” is something you often hear in sports, signaling that everything went according to plan and ended successfully.

Intern Gaffe or Crypto Hint?

Many online participants speculated that an intern might have been involved in Biden’s post. “Gen Z social media manager for sure,” one user replied on Instagram.

Administration Focuses on Crypto Regulation

While Biden has not personally expressed support for cryptocurrencies, his administration is working on the regulation and exploration of digital assets and central bank digital currencies. U.S. Representative Dean Phillips criticized both Biden and his potential election rival Donald Trump for their lack of understanding of cryptocurrencies, stating neither is well-positioned to prepare the U.S. for the next century regarding crypto.

The Real Meaning Behind The Laser Eyes

Despite the crypto community’s reaction, the laser eyes in Biden’s post were not an endorsement or reference to cryptocurrencies but simply reflected the success of the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl.


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