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Here is the news article in HTML format: New Divisible NFT Format Aims for Increased Liquidity

Top NFT news today, February 13, 2024: Following ERC-404, a new divisible NFT format called DN404 has launched, aiming to enable NFTs to trade on both NFT exchanges and DEXes. Magic Eden has also announced its Ethereum marketplace launch, and Deadfellaz launched 10,000 Bitcoin Ordinals.

Hybrid ERC-20 & ERC-721 Standard

A team of developers launched the ‘Divisible NFT’ standard (DN404), which aims to allow NFTs to work like both ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens. Developer “cygaar” announced DN404 as “a hybrid ERC20/721 token,” enabling native fractionalization for increased liquidity.

While GitHub code shows DN404 implements an ERC-20 and ERC-721 pair, developer Quit noted it has not gone through the EIP process and is not an official standard.

Magic Eden’s Ethereum Marketplace Launch

Powered by Payment Processor to reduce gas fees, Magic Eden’s new Ethereum marketplace aims to protect creator royalties. The Okay Dogs NFT collection will be the first to mint on their Ethereum Launchpad, launching on February 27.

Deadfellaz Launches 10k Bitcoin Ordinals

Deadfellaz creators, DFZ Labs, released 10,000 pixel character Bitcoin Ordinals called Bits on Magic Eden. Bits aims to create a game development incubator with a roguelite game rewarding community content creation. While run independently, Bits will align with the Deadfellaz brand and advise from co-founders Betty and Psych.

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