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Here is the rewritten article: Mastercard Launches Web3 NFT Trivia Competition for UEFA Champions League Fans

Giving Fans a Chance to Win Tickets to the Final Match

Mastercard has taken its first step into the world of Web3 by launching an NFT-powered trivia competition for UEFA Champions League fans. The quiz game is part of Mastercard’s “Pass to Priceless” platform which consolidates its growing roster of digital collectibles and crypto assets.

Participants can earn Mastercard X UEFA Champions League branded NFT digital passes by answering trivia questions correctly. The winner after the semi-finals on April 30 will receive tickets to the UEFA Champions League Final at Wembley Stadium in London.

The trivia competition is available to Mastercard cardholders in select countries and will be run every Tuesday before UEFA Champions League matches between February 13 to June 1 according to Mastercard.

Sotheby’s Partners with Kresus Wallet for NFT Auctions

In the NFT space, Sotheby’s Metaverse has partnered with the Web3 app Kresus as a wallet option for managing NFTs purchased through its platform. Kresus features a recovery option that allows users to regain access to their assets even if they lose their email.

As part of the partnership, Sotheby’s is currently hosting a Sealed Auction of Ether Rock showcasing early JPEG tokenization, running from February 14 to 21.

Bybit and UniSat Team Up for BRC-20 Token Marketplace

Bybit Web3 has also partnered with UniSat to launch an integrated inscription marketplace that supports BRC-20 tokens. UniSat’s cross-chain technology will simplify the inscription process and provide deeper liquidity pools for BRC-20 assets.

The collaboration aims to “inscribe your dream” by improving the user experience with comprehensive analytics on BRC-20 assets and enhancing liquidity in the inscription market, according to Bybit.


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