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HyperVerse CEO Allegedly Doesn’t Exist as Thousands Lose Funds in Crypto Scheme

Key Facts

Investors are raising doubts about HyperVerse, a cryptocurrency project that has allegedly defrauded thousands of investors. The supposed CEO of HyperVerse, Steven Reece Lewis, does not appear to be a real person.

Australian entrepreneurs Sam Lee and Ryan Xu, known from the failed bitcoin company Blockchain Global, promoted HyperVerse. Lee denies being the founder or the platform being a scam, while Xu has been unreachable for comment.

At a HyperVerse event in December 2021, Steven Reece Lewis was presented as the CEO with celebrity endorsements. However, claims about Lewis’s background and credentials could not be verified, and the only online presence linked to him are HyperVerse promotional materials and a since deactivated Twitter account.

No Records of Steven Reece Lewis

According to a Guardian report, no records could be found to corroborate that Steven Reece Lewis exists as a real person. He was claimed to have studied at the University of Leeds and the University of Cambridge, worked at Goldman Sachs, sold a web development company to Adobe, and launched an IT startup – none of which have been verified.

The only digital traces of Lewis are from a Twitter account active for about a month before his introduction as CEO and the HyperVerse promotional materials he featured in.

Thousands Reportedly Lost Funds

Thousands of investors have reportedly lost money in the HyperVerse crypto scheme, which is linked to a previous failed scheme called HyperFund. With the CEO appearing to be a fabrication and the founders’ backgrounds in question, there are serious doubts about the legitimacy of HyperVerse.

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