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Japanese Firms Collect Crypto Donations for Earthquake Victims

Crypto Relief Efforts Underway

Japanese crypto firms are setting up donation platforms to assist victims of the Noto Peninsula earthquake that struck on January 1, resulting in over 60 deaths. Crypto donations amounting to tens of millions of yen have already been received for relief efforts. HashPalette, part of HashPort Group and a full member of the Japan Crypto Asset Business Association (JCBA), is leading donation collection efforts. The funds will be converted to yen and donated to Central Community Chest of Japan’s relief fund.

#web3prayforJapan Campaign

HashPalette has initiated the #web3prayforJapan campaign on Twitter #web3prayforjapanto garner support. Donations can be made in 8 blockchain networks including Palette, TRON, Cardano, Polygon, Neo, Qtum, Mask Network, and IOST.

Multiple Crypto Firms Join Efforts

Other Japanese crypto firms joining relief efforts include Nemtus, Astar Foundation, Startale Labs, and Oasys. Donations received excluding gas fees and taxes will fund immediate relief and recovery in impacted areas. Oasys has set up donation wallets for cryptocurrencies like OAS, Bitcoin, WETH, and ETH.

Growing Crypto Relief Trend

The trend of cryptocurrency donations for disaster relief gained traction in February 2022 during the Ukraine conflict. An increasing number of global charities are now accepting donations in Bitcoin, Ethereum and other altcoins.


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