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Lawsuit Against ConsenSys AG Founder for Equity Deprivation

Former ConsenSys AG Employees Sue Founder Joseph Lubin Over Breach of Contract

In the rapidly evolving crypto space, cases of disputes and disagreements between blockchain entrepreneurs and their stakeholders are not uncommon. In the latest development, former employees of ConsenSys AG, a pioneering blockchain innovation venture, have filed a lawsuit against the company’s founder, Joseph Lubin.

The Bone of Contention

The employees allege that Lubin, despite his initial promises, deprived them of their share of the company’s equity. He reportedly breached the trust of the early team members by reneging on his commitment to allotting company equity. The workers contend that while Lubin’s wealth saw impressive growth, their promised equity remained illiquid.

Notably, Lubin had 100 percent ownership of ConsenSys AG, a company which he launched before the Ethereum blockchain went live. The primary goal of the enterprise was to create a decentralized financial and consumer application that would underpin a new, peer-to-peer internet.

Partnership with JP Morgan – A Loss or Gain?

Adding salt to the wound, ConsenSys AG later decided to join forces with global financial leader JP Morgan. This strategic partnership aimed to transfer core assets to an American company, an action which allegedly further decreased the value of the plaintiffs’ shares. Allegedly, the plaintiffs’ shares currently have no potentials for liquidity, seemingly leaving employees in a spot of bother.

ConsenSys – A Successful Venture?

Despite these internal disputes, the value of ConsenSys AG has demonstrated a remarkable surge. The company is now estimated to be worth around $3.2 billion after securing $7 billion in financing. The impressive valuation and successful financing round seems indicative of the company’s continued progress, despite the controversy surrounding equity distribution.

Company’s Stance

In response to the lawsuit, the company’s spokesperson dismissed the claims of the aggrieved employees as mere attempts to profit from the company’s success. The official statement hinted at an unfortunate trend of stakeholders trying to enrich themselves by leveraging the company’s significant strides. Is this merely a corporate dispute or a reflection of deeper systemic issues within the company? Only time will tell.

Joseph Lubin – An Innovative Force in the Crypto Space

Joseph Lubin, the individual at the center of this controversy, is not just the founder of ConsenSys AG but also the co-founder of the Ethereum blockchain and the ETH token. His significant contributions to the crypto and blockchain industry have established him as a prominent figure in the space. Despite the ongoing lawsuit, his work and his ventures continue to intrigue investors and enthusiasts alike.


All things considered, the lawsuit against Joseph Lubin is a clear indication of the growing complexities and challenges in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. It underscores the importance of greater transparency and trust in contractual agreements, especially concerning equity distribution. Crypto investors, employees, and stakeholders must be vigilant and well-informed to navigate the intricacies of this dynamic field. The journey of ConsenSys AG offers valuable insights – success is possible, and so is discord.


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