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Lens Protocol V2: Empowering Users Through Open Standards and Profile Switching

Lens Protocol V2 launches with focus on open standards, profile switching

Key Points:

  • Aave and Lens Protocol founder, Stani Kulechov, announces the launch of Lens Protocol V2 at the EthCC conference in Paris.
  • The new version of Lens Protocol emphasizes the importance of open standards and profile switching in empowering users in social media.
  • Kulechov highlights that centralized social platforms lock in users and their data, limiting choice and control.
  • Lens Protocol V2 aims to provide a decentralized alternative, allowing users to switch between profiles and have more control over their social media experience.

Hot Take:

Lens Protocol V2 is bringing a fresh perspective to the world of social media by focusing on open standards and profile switching. By providing users with more choice and control over their social media experience, Lens Protocol is challenging the status quo of centralized platforms. With its decentralized alternative, users can finally break free from being locked in and embrace the power of portability. It’s time to switch things up and take back control!


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