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“MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin Trust: Journey to Success and Stellar Performance, as Told by Michael Saylor”

MicroStrategy Bitcoin Trust Outperforms Other Assets with +161% Return Since August 2020

Bitcoin has proven once again to be a top-performing asset, with MicroStrategy Bitcoin Trust achieving an impressive +161% return since August 2020. The founder of MicroStrategy, Michael Saylor, recently highlighted this outstanding performance compared to other assets in a tweet.

Saylor, who has become well-known for his bullish stance on Bitcoin, showcased the results of his Bitcoin accumulation strategy that started three years ago. He pointed out that MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin Trust has significantly outperformed other assets during this period.

Comparing to the same timeframe, traditional investments like the S&P 500 and Nasdaq have also seen positive returns of +33% and +26% respectively. In contrast, assets such as Gold (-5%), Bonds (-19%), and Silver (-21%) have experienced losses.

The focus on Bitcoin’s performance is strategically aimed at demonstrating the success of MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin Trust. Saylor’s accumulation strategy has paid off, with the recent news that the trust now holds a remarkable 152,333 BTC, thanks to a recent purchase of 12,333 BTC.

To put this into perspective, the total investment for MicroStrategy’s BTC holdings is estimated to be around $4.52 billion, with an average purchase price of $29,668 per BTC. Currently, Bitcoin is valued at $30,781, proving a profitable return for MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin Trust.

Saylor’s positive sentiment toward Bitcoin aligns with the overall market sentiment, which currently stands at 61 on the Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index. While this indicates a sense of greed, it is not excessively high.

One likely factor contributing to the optimism is the anticipation of Bitcoin’s fourth halving, scheduled for 2024. Historically, halvings have had a significant impact on Bitcoin’s price, often leading to speculative bubbles followed by corrections.

For instance, the previous halving in 2020 propelled Bitcoin to reach its all-time high of $69,000 in November 2021. However, it is crucial to note that past performance is not a guarantee of future price movements. Nonetheless, these patterns can influence sentiment surrounding the leading cryptocurrency.


MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin Trust has showcased remarkable performance with a +161% return since August 2020. This outperforms traditional investments such as stocks and commodities. Michael Saylor’s successful Bitcoin accumulation strategy has contributed to MicroStrategy’s significant BTC holdings, reinforcing his positive sentiment toward the digital asset. As the market eagerly awaits the next halving, historical data suggests the potential for price appreciation, further supporting the bullish outlook for Bitcoin.


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