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North Korean Hacking Group Suspected of $82 Million Crypto Exploit

Investigation Updates

Orbit Bridge, associated with the Claytont ecosystem, was exploited for nearly $82 million shortly before New Year’s Eve. South Korean agencies are investigating the multi-million dollar hack. North Korean hacking group, ‘Lazarus,’ is suspected of carrying out the exploit. The South Korean National Intelligence Service (NIS) is involved in a comprehensive investigation.

Platforms Affected

Prominent Korean platforms such as Kakao’s blockchain, Claytont, and WEMIX by WEMADE, utilized the bridge. The NIS has not confirmed a direct link to North Korea but is exploring the possibility with other agencies. The involvement of the NIS in the investigation of a cyber-attack is considered unusual.


OZYS, the company behind Orbit Bridge, has cooperated with the investigation and sought help from blockchain analysis firms UPsala Security and the TON Foundation. The incident affects the Claytont decentralized finance (DeFi) sector and the broader ecosystem. OZYS expects assistance from Claytont in resolving the situation and aiding affected parties. OZYS intends to release more information about the joint response with Claytont.

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