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NY AG Sues Gemini, Genesis, DCG for Investor Fraud

New York Attorney General Takes Legal Action Against Gemini, Genesis, and DCG

In a recent development in the crypto world, New York Attorney General Letitia James has lodged a lawsuit against Gemini, Genesis, and Digital Currency Group (DCG) over allegations of misleading investors. The accusation centers around Gemini Earn, a cryptocurrency investment product touted as a risk-free option to earn interest on digital currencies.

Gemini Earn Program’s Alleged Misrepresentations

Gemini Exchange, a cryptocurrency exchange platform renowned for its management by the Winklevoss twins, stands accused of misrepresenting the risks associated with the Gemini Earn program. Launched with the promise of offering an innovative and safe way for customers to earn interest on their crypto assets, Attorney General James claims otherwise. According to the lawsuit, assets contributed by Gemini clientele were conglomerated and transferred to Genesis who went on to dispense the funds to large institutions. Subsequently, Genesis only returned a fraction of the realized profits to Gemini users.


“Drama in the crypto world as NY Attorney General charges Gemini, Genesis and DCG with investor fraud.”

Genesis and High-Risk Loans

Genesis, a part of the Digital Currency Group, allegedly gave precedence to high-risk loans which were underscored. A large chunk of these loans was extended to Alameda Research, raising red flags regarding their loan distribution practices.

Genesis’ Bankruptcy Protection and Liquidity Issues

Aggravating their customers’ grievances, Genesis faced major liquidity problems and went ahead to file for bankruptcy protection. The move had a direct impact on the ease of fund accessibility for Gemini Earn customers, making it a hardship for them to access their investments.

Previous SEC Lawsuit Against Genesis and Gemini

This lawsuit is not the first scrutiny Genesis and Gemini have faced. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) previously took legal action against the two, alleging they were in violation of securities laws through their Earn program.

Failing to Assess Loan Quality and Concealing Losses

The charges levelled against Genesis and DCG further implicate them in neglecting to suitably evaluate loan quality and going great lengths to hide losses. Such gross oversight is further stoking suspicions about unscrupulous activities taking place under the guise of the Earn program.

Genesis and DCG CEOs Under Fire

Naming the CEOs of both Genesis and DCG as defendants in the lawsuit further escalates the case. The CEOs are being sued for ostentatiously misleading the public about Genesis’ precarious financial health.


“Genesis and DCG CEOs now named defendants in lawsuit for allegedly misleading public about Genesis’ financial health.”


To sum it up, in what appears to be a significant development in the world of cryptocurrency, the New York Attorney General has sued Gemini, Genesis, and DCG alleging investor fraud. The lawsuit sheds light on the potentially misleading claims surrounding the ‘Gemini Earn’ program and the several mispractices carried out by Genesis and DCG CEOs. The case reiterates the need for stringent regulations and thorough scrutiny in the crypto world to safeguard investor interests.


“NY Attorney General’s lawsuit against Gemini, Genesis, and DCG amplifies calls for tighter regulations in the crypto world.”

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