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OKX and Polygon Labs to Propel Ethereum Scaling with zkEVM Layer-2 Testnet

OKX and Polygon Labs to Propel Ethereum Scaling with zkEVM Layer-2 Testnet

In a bid to shore up transaction speeds and reduce costs within the Ethereum ecosystem, OKX, a dominant player in the crypto exchange arena, has announced a collaboration with blockchain platform Polygon Labs. The partnership is centered around the initiation of a test network for X1, a novel zkEVM layer-2 solution.

Driving Mainstream Adoption of Ethereum Scaling Solutions

The primary objective of this joint effort is to promote mainstream adoption of Ethereum scaling solutions. The advent of the X1 testnet is poised to offer developers a platform where they can construct and test decentralized applications (dApps) with improved scalability. Capitalising on the potential of blockchain, the partners are setting the stage for the future of decentralized finance (DeFi).

Innovation Meets Collaboration

As part of the initiative, OKX engineers will be working hand in hand with the Polygon team. Their joint responsibility will be to streamline the network during the testing phase, with a view to ready it for a full mainnet release by Q1 2024.

Polygon’s Layer-2 Solution: A Game-changer

Polygon’s layer-2 solution employs zero-knowledge cryptographic proofs. This technology groups transactions off-chain before they are validated and logged on Ethereum, leading to improved transaction efficiency and speed. Its potential for shaping Ethereum’s future is significant.

The launch of the X1 testnet is not happening in isolation. It comes at a time when major exchanges such as Coinbase are making their own strides in revealing their layer-2 networks. The success of X1 could drive more projects towards Polygon’s burgeoning ecosystem of scaling solutions, boosting its reach and influence.

OKB: The Fuel for X1 Testnet

During the testing phase, OKB, the native cryptocurrency of OKX, will be serving as the gas token on the X1 network. The strategy behind this is to provide a fast, yet cost-effective environment for a myriad of DeFi activities like trading, lending, and staking.

The collaboration between OKX and Polygon Labs is a clear testimony to their shared vision: a blockchain-powered future. It is a significant step in the ongoing quest to foster scalability, cut costs, and speed up transactions, making Ethereum more accessible and utilitarian for everyday use. In the long run, such iterative and collaborative efforts could well be what entirely reshapes how we perceive and interact with financial services – a decentralized, secure, and efficient financial realm for all.


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