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OpenAI Faces FTC Investigation over ChatGPT Privacy: High-Stakes Probe Raises Concerns

Key Points:

– OpenAI, the maker of AI chatbot ChatGPT, has received a criminal investigative demand (CID) from the United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC).
– The FTC is investigating whether OpenAI used unfair or deceptive privacy or data security practices, as well as whether there were any risks of harm to consumers.
– The CID includes 49 detailed questions and requests for 17 categories of documents for the investigation.
– The FTC is particularly interested in the large language models used in OpenAI products, their training process, and how accuracy is ensured.
– OpenAI has faced backlash, including probes from various countries and lawsuits accusing the company of scraping personal data and copyright infringement.

Hot Take:

Looks like OpenAI is under the microscope as the FTC wants to know if their AI tool, ChatGPT, has been playing by the rules. The agency is concerned about privacy practices, potential consumer harm, and even reputational damage. The CID is like a subpoena, and OpenAI has to spill the beans on their data security and more. It’s a high-stakes investigation, and OpenAI better have their answers ready. Let’s see if they can chat their way out of this one!


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