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Polygon Labs Proposes Upgrade from MATIC to POL in Ecosystem Expansion Plan

Polygon Labs proposes upgrading ‘MATIC’ token to ‘POL’ in ecosystem expansion plan

Key Points:

  • Polygon Labs has revealed a technical proposal to upgrade its MATIC token to POL.
  • POL will be the native token of the Polygon ecosystem and will serve as a tool for coordination and incentivization.
  • The upgrade is part of Polygon’s expansion plan and aims to enhance the functionality and productivity of the ecosystem.

Hot Take:

Polygon Labs is making moves to level up its ecosystem with the proposed upgrade from MATIC to POL. This upgrade will not only enhance the functionality of the ecosystem but also provide better coordination and incentivization. With this expansion plan, Polygon is aiming to become a hyperproductive third-generation native asset. Keep an eye on this upgrade as it could have a significant impact on the Polygon ecosystem and its users.


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