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Ripple Ruling Likely to Be Appealed and Overturned, Warns Ex-SEC Official

Ripple ruling likely to be appealed and overturned, says ex-SEC official

Key Points:

  • The recent court ruling regarding Ripple is likely to be appealed and overturned, according to John Reed Stark, former chief of internet enforcement at the SEC.
  • The decision was celebrated by Cameron Winklevoss as a significant moment, but Stark believes it is “ripe for appeal” and rests on shaky ground.
  • This ruling has raised concerns and is seen as “troubling” for the future of Ripple.

Hot Take:

The Ripple ruling may have been seen as a victory by some, but according to ex-SEC official John Reed Stark, it is far from over. Stark believes the decision is “ripe for appeal” and unlikely to stand. This uncertainty casts a shadow of doubt over Ripple’s future, leaving many wondering what lies ahead for the popular cryptocurrency.


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