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Rise of Blockchain Startups in the Philippines: Potential for Global Leadership

Rise of Blockchain Startups in the Philippines Signals Potential Global Leadership

– The Philippines has seen a rise in innovative blockchain startups.
– The Blockchain Council of the Philippines (BCP) has partnered with the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) to drive Web3 adoption in the country.
– BCP’s goal is to propel blockchain adoption in the Philippines and make the country a global leader in blockchain technology.
– BCP will educate and collaborate with local stakeholders, including government bodies, Web3 developers, civil society organizations, and businesses.
– The partnership with DICT further supports the development of the nation’s information and communications technology agenda.
– DICT Director Emmy Lou Versoza-Delfin believes the country is ready for blockchain adoption and poised to be a leader in blockchain education and industry.
– Introducing Bitcoin in the Philippines has its challenges, with efforts focused on pitching it to merchants as a way to attract customers.

Hot Take: The Philippines is gearing up to become a blockchain powerhouse, with a rise in startups and a strong push for Web3 adoption. With partnerships and collaborations in place, the country is well-positioned to lead in blockchain education and industry. However, introducing Bitcoin to the masses still poses challenges, but creative solutions like pitching it to merchants show potential for adoption.


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