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Senator Warren Criticizes Crypto Industry Lobbying Efforts

Calls for Regulations to Address Money Laundering Concerns

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts) has expressed opposition to the increasing lobbying efforts by the cryptocurrency industry in Washington. In a recent letter to the United States Blockchain Association, Warren criticized their hiring of former defense and law enforcement officials to lobby against bipartisan efforts to regulate cryptocurrencies.

Warren’s letter refers to a new report on lobbying by the crypto industry and its attempts to undermine regulatory proposals concerning cryptocurrency’s role in financing terrorist organizations like Hamas. The letter mentions the October 7 attack by Hamas against Israel and concerns about the use of digital assets for funding terrorist groups.

However, on-chain analytics firms like Chainalysis have disproven allegations that cryptocurrencies are being used to fund terrorist groups in amounts reaching millions of dollars. Despite claims in a Wall Street Journal report, Chainalysis has stated such reports are overstated and has advocated for stopping all forms of terror funding. tweet

The crypto industry has introduced several legislations addressing anti-money laundering but is also lobbying to delay or deny new regulations, according to Politico. Companies like Coinbase are leading the push against unclear regulations and lobbying efforts to shape the rules through courts and Congress.

Concerns About Ethics of Hiring Former Officials

Senator Warren has requested information from the Blockchain Association on the number of former military and civil servants they have hired, their roles, and the ethics code for contacting former government officials. Coinbase has spent $2.16 million on crypto lobby efforts, while the Blockchain Association aims to create a regulatory framework that “makes sense,” according to Kristin Smith, the association’s head. Warren’s letter raises ethical concerns about the extent to which crypto firms are employing former government officials to influence lobbying against anti-money laundering efforts.

Calls for Balanced Regulations

While acknowledging the need for regulations to combat illicit activities, many in the crypto industry argue for balanced rules that do not stifle innovation. They point to the industry’s self-regulatory efforts already underway and insist most cryptocurrencies are not used for nefarious purposes. However, regulators and lawmakers continue pushing for increased oversight of the largely unregulated crypto space.


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