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Solana Phones Surge In Value After Crypto Airdrop Solana Phones Surge In Value After Crypto Airdrop

Meme coin airdrop boosts demand for Solana Saga mobile devices

The release of the Solana Saga mobile phone has seen an unexpected surge in resale value tied to its inclusion of a BONK token airdrop. Initially, sales for the new Solana-focused smartphone were slow. However, after word spread of the BONK token airdrop included with each phone purchase, demand skyrocketed.

Key Takeaways

  • Solana Saga smartphones have recently sold for as much as $5,000 on eBay- far above their retail price.
  • The increased resale value is tied to the phone’s airdrop of 30 million BONK tokens for early purchasers.
  • BONK, a meme coin native to the Solana blockchain, has jumped in value in recent weeks – up 68% in the last week and 640% in the past month.
  • The Solana Saga phone also includes free in-app rewards and benefits beyond the crypto airdrop.

Surging Resale Prices

The Solana Saga smartphones initially struggled to sell after launch, but interest surged on a particular Saturday when two phones were sold for $5,000 each on eBay. The following Sunday, another sold for $3,361. In all cases, the sellers had already purchased the phones previously.

The BONK Factor

The sudden spike in demand is tied to the inclusion of an airdrop of 30 million BONK tokens with each Solana Saga phone purchase. BONK is a meme coin native to the Solana blockchain, and its value has jumped significantly in recent weeks. At the time of reporting, BONK’s value had risen 68% over the past week and 640% over the past month, trading at $0.00001987. BONK currently ranks as the 55th most valuable cryptocurrency by market cap on CoinGecko.

Beyond the lucrative BONK token airdrop, the Solana Saga phone also offers app incentives like a free month of Helium Mobile, a free toy, and exclusive benefits from its dApp Store. However, it seems the BONK airdrop has been the primary driver of increased demand and the corresponding surge in resale prices.


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