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Steven Kinard: Running for Texas House Rep to Champion “Digital Freedom” and Crypto Advocacy

Key Points:

  • Steven Kinard, director of Bitcoin mining analytics at the Texas Blockchain Council, has announced his candidacy for the Texas House of Representatives.
  • Kinard plans to seek the Republican Party nomination for Texas House District 70 and advocate for “digital freedom” and “strategic technology investments”.
  • He opposes the Federal Reserve’s exploration of a central bank digital currency (CBDC) and aims to resist and stop any research into CBDCs.
  • Texas has been a major hub for cryptocurrency mining, and the government has shown support for crypto with bills and statements from Governor Greg Abbott.
  • The upcoming primaries for the 2024 elections in the United States will include crypto and blockchain as significant issues.

Hot Take:

Steven Kinard’s decision to run for the Texas House of Representatives brings a pro-crypto voice to the political arena. His opposition to the Federal Reserve’s exploration of a CBDC and focus on “digital freedom” resonates with many in the crypto community. As Texas continues to be a hotspot for cryptocurrency mining, having a representative who understands and supports the industry could lead to positive developments for the crypto ecosystem. The upcoming primaries will be a crucial opportunity for crypto enthusiasts to elect candidates who will champion their interests.


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