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Sui 8192: The Blockchain Game Surpassing Solana in Daily Transactions

Sui 8192: A Blockchain Game Driving Daily Transactions on the Sui Network

Key Points:

– Sui 8192 is a tile-sliding puzzle game launched in October 2022 and is fully on-chain.
– Each move in the game is recorded as a transaction on the Sui Network, requiring a gas fee payment.
– The game has helped the Sui Network surpass Solana in daily transactions, with over 20 million transactions recorded.
– Bullshark Quests by Mysten Labs is also driving momentum on Sui, allowing players to compete for rewards based on their engagement with Sui games.
– Sui is a layer-1 blockchain launched in May 2023, aiming to compete with Solana.

Hot Take:

Move over Solana, Sui Network is making waves with its blockchain game, Sui 8192. This tile-sliding puzzle game has taken the network by storm, driving daily transactions and surpassing Solana’s numbers. With Bullshark Quests adding to the excitement, Sui is proving to be a formidable player in the blockchain gaming space. Will it continue to rise and challenge Solana’s dominance? Only time will tell, but for now, Sui is definitely making a splash.


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