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Sui Foundation Investigated for Misreporting SUI Token Circulating Supply

Sui Foundation Accused of Misreporting Supply of Native Token

In a dramatic turn of events, the Sui Foundation finds itself in hot water with South Korean Financial Supervisory Service over allegations of misreporting the circulating supply of its native token, Sui (SUI). Lee Bok-Hyeon, the director of the Financial Supervisory Service, now spearheads an investigation into these allegations.

An Echo of Disbelief as SUI Falls

With the news of the investigation, the value of the SUI token tumbled. In the last 24 hours, the token value dropped more than 5 percent to trade at around 37 cents on Wednesday. This sudden slump in the coin’s value was accompanied by a trading volume of nearly $95 million.

Defense from the Accused—the Sui Foundation

Despite the allegations, the Sui Foundation remains insistent on its innocence. The foundation clarified their position by stating that the SUI token’s tokenomics is publicly available. They emphasized their commitment to maintaining transparency with regulators amidst these trying times.

SUI Token Allocation for Ecosystem Growth

In an effort to spur growth within its ecosystem, the Sui team has reallocated a fair amount of SUI from the external market. The team recently announced an allocation of 157 million SUI coins to cultivate growth in the ecosystem. As part of this initiative, 15 projects have received up to $1.06 million in funding, aimed at promoting mainstream adoption of SUI and creating value for the community.

The SUI Network at a Glance

Despite the recent controversy, the SUI network remains operational with a total market capitalization of about $324 million. The network also recorded a 24-hour average traded volume of approximately $95 million. Currently, the network houses around 154 million staked tokens.

Notable DeFi Projects in the SUI Network

Among the exciting endeavors within the SUI Network, Cetus—a decentralized exchange with a total value locked (TVL) of about $19 million, and the NAVI protocol, a lending platform with $10 Million locked, stand out.

The Future of SUI Token

Despite the current turmoil, the Sui Foundation establishes a long-term view for the future of SUI token unlocks with the aim to maintain a healthy ecosystem. The foundation has set its sights on unlocking 8 percent of the total supply, leaving 37 percent of the allocation still under lock and key.


The Sui Foundation has recently been thrust into the limelight under less than ideal circumstances as it is under investigation for allegations of misreporting the circulating supply of the SUI token. As the investigation unfolds, the value of the SUI token came under pressure and experienced a significant slump. While the Foundation denies any wrongdoing, it should serve as a lesson for other blockchain projects in the crypto space about the necessity of transparency and clear communication. Only with these fundamentals in place, trust can be nurtured, and growth can be accelerated. As crypto investors, them should always stay informed and vigilant about market changes and new developments in their investments.

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