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TG.Casino Attracts Interest and Investments in GameFi Sector with Passive Income Offering

TG.Casino Attracts Interest and Investments in GameFi Sector with Passive Income Offering

Following a successful series of financial rounds, TG.Casino has raised a total of $2.8 million. This successful start-up journey has peaked the interest of renowned names in the crypto space, including Eric Cryptoman and Erik Stevens. With a rising brand recognition in the DeFi gaming space, TG.Casino promises an engaging and profitable feature set for its users, outmatching competitors like Rollbit.

Snapshot: Funding and Availability in the TG.Casino Pre-Sale

Since its launch, TG.Casino has witnessed an enthusiastic response from investors, amassing $2.5 million in funding. This follows an initial round that saw the platform raise $300,000 in a single day. Despite this, the pre-sale of $TGC tokens is still ongoing, with less than half of the tokens available for purchase. Buyers need to act fast, as the price of the $TGC token will rise in the upcoming days. Once every five days, the token price will increase by $0.005 until the hard cap of $5 million is reached.

Betting on TG.Casino: A Seismic Shift in User Preference

It comes as no surprise that TG.Casino’s unique advantages are wooing customers from its competitors. A major shift has been observed in large investors, or “whales”, from Rollbit towards TG.Casino. One notable whale diverted $150,000 from Rollbit to TG.Casino, purchasing $50,000 worth of $TGC in the presale, which was immediately staked.

The Competitive Edge: TG.Casino’s Unique Offerings

High roller rewards, the opportunity for passive income through $TGC staking, and token buybacks from a percentage of daily profits set TG.Casino apart from its rivals. In addition, TG.Casino maintains 40% burn for price support, bolstering investor trust. Another key attraction is that it doesn’t require KYC requirements for its Telegram-based customers, providing an ease of onboarding that has translated into a vibrant community of 6,450 members on its Telegram channel.

Integrating With the $TGC Token: Harness the Power of Crypto

A strategic move by TG.Casino has been to fully integrate the $TGC token into its platform. Featuring a 25% net cash-back on losses, holders of the $TGC token also have the potential to earn an annual percentage yield of 225% if they buy and stake today.

Future Outlook: The Growth and Potential of TG.Casino

The hype around TG.Casino is on the rise, with many comparing it to the success story that Rollbit has been in the GameFi sector. Exuding its own token, user benefits, staking and passive income planning system, TG.Casino stands as a promising player in the industry. Notably, a contract audit by Coinsult revealed zero significant issues with the $TGC token, adding to TG.Casino’s credibility.

Nevertheless, prospective investors must note that TG.Casino, like any investment, comes with its own set of risks. With a growth curve that is quickly skyrocketing in a volatile market, TG.Casino represents an exciting yet high-risk investment that requires due diligence and individual research before commitment.


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