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The Bank of America’s Metaverse Training: VR and AI for Improved Employee Skills Donald Trump’s NFT Business Prefers Ethereum over Traditional Banking Siemens Invests in Metaverse Campus: A Digital Hub for Troubleshooting and Analytics Puma Sneaker NFTs: Unlock Exclusive Content with Every Pair

The Bank of America’s Metaverse Training

  • The Bank of America is using virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI) in its metaverse training for new employees.
  • VR modules are used to simulate various situations, including handling upset customers and responding to bank robberies.
  • AI bots are also used to assist in training conversations and provide coaching.
  • Over 200,000 Bank of America staff members have undergone virtual training.
  • The bank is considering using the metaverse for job fairs to attract a younger audience.

Donald Trump’s NFT Business Holds Funds on Ethereum

  • Donald Trump’s NFT licensing business, CIC Digital, chooses to hold its funds on Ethereum rather than in a bank account.
  • The company’s bank account balance is less than $1,000, while its Ethereum wallet holds between $250,000 and $500,000.
  • Trump’s financial disclosures show earnings of $500,000 to $1 million from NFT licensing deals.
  • The purpose of the updated financial disclosures is unclear.

Siemens to Build Metaverse Campus

  • Siemens is investing $560,000 in building a new tech campus in Germany, which will first be planned and simulated in the metaverse.
  • The campus aims to become a hub for the industrial metaverse, a digital recreation of locations used for troubleshooting and analytics.
  • The funding is part of Siemens’ $2.2 billion investment plan for education centers and regional hubs.

Puma Sneaker NFTs with Exclusive Content

  • Puma, Legitimate, and Roc Nation have collaborated on a sneaker collection integrated with NFTs.
  • The collection includes three sneaker models that grant access to an exclusive portal with unreleased music, video content, and a documentary.
  • The shoes are priced at $130 per pair and have NFC tags that can be linked with an NFT to authenticate the product.

Hot Take:

The Bank of America is stepping up its training game with some VR and AI action in the metaverse. It’s like they’re robbing the virtual bank of knowledge to equip their employees with the skills to handle all kinds of situations, from angry customers to virtual bank heists. Meanwhile, Donald Trump is putting his NFT funds on Ethereum, showing that even former presidents can get in on the crypto action. Siemens is taking a digital-first approach with its metaverse campus, optimizing and adjusting the layout before even breaking ground. And Puma is kicking it up a notch with sneaker NFTs that grant access to exclusive content. It’s a whole new world where virtual meets reality, and it’s getting pretty nifty. So, grab your VR headset, tap that NFC tag, and dive into the metaverse!


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