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Tokenized ‘Space Asset’ Marketplace Adds Mati Greenspan to Advisory Board

Tokenized ‘space asset’ marketplace Copernic Space adds Mati Greenspan to advisory board

Key Points:

– Mati Greenspan, founder of Quantum Economics, has joined the advisory board of Copernic Space.
– Copernic Space is a web3-based space marketplace aiming to transform the access and interaction with space assets.
– The partnership will involve Quantum Economics in Copernic Space’s initiative to tokenize space assets.
– Tokenizing space assets is expected to revolutionize their accessibility to investors and enthusiasts.

Closing paragraph:

In a cosmic collaboration, Mati Greenspan, the leading cryptocurrency expert, has joined the advisory board of Copernic Space, a web3-based marketplace for space assets. With the involvement of Greenspan’s firm, Quantum Economics, in the tokenization of space assets, the accessibility and interaction with these celestial treasures are set to reach new heights. This partnership is truly out of this world!


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