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TON Foundation and Mantle Network Partner for EVM Compatibility

Ton Foundation and Mantle Network Join Forces To Enhance EVM Compatibility


In a swiftly evolving crypto landscape, partnerships are formed now and then to enhance the fitness of various blockchain ecosystems. A significant move that is taking us a step closer to an interconnected Web 3.0 ecosystem is the recent alliance between TON Foundation and Mantle Network.

Ton Foundation and Mantle Network Partnership

TON Foundation has joined forces with Mantle Network in a significant move to expand EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatibility. The overarching aim behind this partnership is to promote interoperable EVM-compatible Layer 2 capabilities on the TON ecosystem. Mantle Network has been touted as TON Foundation’s principal partner in this drive to boost EVM compatibility. This collaboration is set to position Mantle Network as a pioneering force in extending EVM compatibility on TON.

@community_bot for Informative Resources

An exciting feature of this collaboration is the use of a Telegram bot dubbed @community_bot. This bot is engineered to serve as an educational and informative resource. It is yet another innovative move by the crypto platforms to enhance user interaction and value.

Mantle Network Users now Access $jMNT

Mantle Network has been further enhanced, with its users now being able to access $jMNT, a wrapped version of $MNT. This unique feature allows them to trade and provide liquidity on the cross-chain decentralized exchange (DEX) STON.fi. This innovative move brings a fresh dynamism to Mantle Network, enhancing the trading experience for its users.

Bringing TON and Mantle Communities Closer

Through this alliance, the gap between TON and Mantle communities is substantially bridged. The intent behind this move is to enhance user experience and establish an interconnected Web 3.0 ecosystem. An interconnected Web 3.0 ecosystem will undoubtedly present more comprehensive services and seamless user interfaces.

Ton’s Other Strategic Partnerships

There’s been a flurry of activity at TON, with the Foundation also recently announcing it has entered into a partnership with Chainbase and Tencent Cloud geared at simplifying blockchain development. In addition to this, TON has also joined hands with DWF Labs and Amazon Web Services in a strategic partnership. At the heart of this collaboration is the launch of a hackathon, another move by the crypto platform to foster innovation and creativity in the ever-growing blockchain space.


The strategic alliance between TON Foundation and Mantle Network represents a leap towards promoting interoperable EVM-compatible Layer 2 capabilities. This partnership, coupled with TON’s recent collaborations with Chainbase, Tencent Cloud, DWF Labs, and Amazon Web Services, showcases the platforms’ continual efforts to bolster the blockchain and crypto community. We continue to anticipate how these strategic partnerships will further inject dynamism into the crypto space, transform user experiences, and reshape the Web 3.0 ecosystem. Crypto investors can surely look forward to a more interconnected, harmonious Web3.0 future.

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