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Ubisoft Raises the Stakes with Free Ethereum NFT Mint for ‘Champions Tactics’

Ubisoft Raises the Stakes with Free Ethereum NFT Mint for ‘Champions Tactics’

French video game company Ubisoft revealed plans for an innovative foray into the world of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency for its upcoming game, ‘Champions Tactics.’ With the electric energy of the digital space set to intensify, Ubisoft announced it will hold a free Ethereum non-fungible token (NFT) mint for the game, promising an immersive gaming experience that imbues players with new levels of interactivity and ownership.

‘The Warlords PFP Collection’: A Gripping Unveil

The ambitiously designed ‘Warlords PFP Collection’ was unveiled on Ubisoft’s Twitter platform, sparking animated reactions from the gaming community. Ubisoft encouraged potential gamers to follow, like, retweet, and comment on the post to join. Fifty lucky followers responding with #ChampionsTactics will be carefully selected for the allowlist and extended an invitation to join Ubisoft’s private Discord community.

Bearing Witness to the Grim World of Grimoria

Set to make its grand debut on PC early next year, ‘Champions Tactics’ is a Web3 Player vs Player (PvP) Tactical RPG offering gamers a peek into the intriguing dark world of Grimoria. The highly anticipated release will be celebrated with a free ‘Champions’ drop at launch.

Warlords: The New Digital Collectibles

All set to redefine the gaming experience, Warlords are unique digital collectibles that double as profile pictures (PFP). Besides lending users an identity on the platform, Warlords also grant early access to exclusive in-game playable figurines known as ‘Champions’. Ubisoft aims to mint a total of 9,999 Warlords, each featuring one of 170 distinct traits, ranging in rarity.

A Transparent Distribution Strategy

Ubisoft intends to retain 999 randomly selected Warlords in a Market Vault for future giveaways, partnerships, and rewards. Additionally, the company has committed 1,000 Warlords to the Oasys blockchain community. The remaining 8,000 Warlords will be available for the greater community to claim during the mint. Any Warlords unclaimed at the end of the mint period will be deposited in a Treasury Vault for future rewards.

Minting Warlords and the wait for the Big Reveal

To claim a Warlord, participants are required to register a Ubisoft account and must have a compatible wallet stocked with sufficient Ethereum. While gas fees are associated with the claim process, players can expect to mint between 2 to 4 Warlords, depending on their user tier.

Once owners claim their Warlords, they would temporarily see a placeholder either on the OpenSea marketplace or their personal wallet courtesy of a delayed reveal strategy. Ubisoft announced the big reveal, showing off the precious Warlords, will occur after all Warlords have been minted or once the Public Mint concludes.

Creating an Inclusive Gaming Experience: Shaking Off Boundaries

With its sights set on infusing inclusivity in the digital space, Ubisoft plans a Private Mint accessible to selected users and a Public Mint accessible to all players—a move expected to democratize access to the high-stakes universe of ‘Champions Tactics’. However, due to geo-specific regulations, gamers from certain countries, including Algeria, China, Cuba, Iraq, Russia, Sudan, Syria, among others, will not be able to partake in the game.

In line with its tested strategy of marrying cutting-edge technology with diverse user experiences, Ubisoft’s move into the blockchain and crypto space promises a timely twist in the world of RPGs. While the gaming giant navigates these uncharted waters, players worldwide eager await the unveiling of the unique Warlords.


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