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Uniswap Gainers Defy Weak Crypto Market

Selected Tokens on Decentralized Exchange Perform Well

While the broader crypto market has seen a lull in price action after weeks of gains, some tokens listed on the decentralized exchange (DEX) Uniswap have continued to post significant increases. Here are some top gainers on Uniswap recently:

METIS Surges Above $50

METIS value hit $50, representing a massive 32% increase in a single day [1]. METIS is a permissionless Layer 2 network on Ethereum focusing on decentralized applications. The project is a hard fork of Optimism utilizing the Optimistic Rollup framework to offer EVM-compatible Layer 2 scaling. Transaction costs on the Metis network are as low as 0.02 cents per transaction, among the cheapest among Layer 2 solutions.

METIS currently trades at $51.01, up by 35.09% over the past day and around 130% over the past week. The token has a market cap of approximately $233 million and ranks #193 by market cap on CoinMarketCap CoinMarketCap . The total supply of METIS is 10 million tokens, of which around 4.57 million METIS are currently circulating.

MIND Gains Over 16% in One Day

MIND value increased to $0.082, representing a gain of about 16% in one day. MIND is a Turing-complete graph-based language that generalizes domain-specific languages and allows the translation of ideas into algorithms through dialogue with an AI agent. MIND has a market cap of $6.23 million and ranks #2578 by market cap on CoinMarketCap.

BEAM Jumps Over 2%

BEAM price rose by about 2.4% to $0.10 over 24 hours and has gained over 100% in the past month. BEAM is a privacy coin that utilizes Mimblewimble and Lelantus protocols for private transactions. Beam’s market cap currently stands at $15 million, and it ranks #823 by market cap among cryptocurrencies.

Alternative Altcoin Considerations

While low-cap coins offer the potential for high rewards, they also come with high risks. Presale investments represent a high-risk, high-reward opportunity where tokens are bought at lower prices. However, careful analysis is required to identify promising crypto projects with the highest potential.

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