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Unlocking IOTA’s Potential in Secure Automotive Cyber Systems: TRADE Project

TRADE Project Utilising IOTA Sets Out To Advance Automotive Cyber Systems

In a significant leap towards a secure and interoperable automotive future, the TRADE project has launched its first demonstrator. The much-anticipated project, spearheaded by a collaboration between Filancore, ETO, and THIngolstadt, aims to utilize the potential of IOTA in reshaping Automotive Cyber Systems.

TRADE Project: A Cogent Collaboration For an Advanced Future

Filancore GmbH, ETO Gruppe, and THIngolstadt have announced their collaborative efforts to refine the system installed at the THIngolstadt Automotive Testcenter CARISSMA. The project incorporates research from “alfried” and outlines plans to leverage IOTA’s unparalleled decentralized ledger technology and Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) for car-to-infrastructure validation.

A Secure, Scalable, and Feeless Transaction Framework

Pre-eminent in its intent to create an open, secure, and interoperable Automotive Cyber System, the TRADE project incorporates IOTA’s decentralized ledger technology (DLT). IOTA’s DLT is deemed revolutionary in its provision of a secure, scalable, and transaction-free framework especially tailored for automotive systems.

Combining Expertise and Technology

The robust TRADE solution combines ETO’s automotive hardware, Filancore’s SSI Identity and Access Management System, and THI’s Automotive Client. The sought-after amalgamation of these technologies is expected to bolster the efficacy and reliability of the system, primarily focusing on furnishing a secure system for autonomous driving.

Assessing SSI’s Efficacy within Automotive Cyber Systems

As part of its strategic plan, THIngolstadt will undertake comprehensive testing to assess the applicability of SSI within Automotive Cyber Systems. The testing phase is expected to glean insightful data and actionable insights into the future trajectory of the project until its conclusion in 2024.

Benjamin Bönisch on The Project’s Progress

ETO GRUPPE’s Vice President of Digital Products & Services, Benjamin Bönisch, made an advantageous remark on the project’s progress. His Twitter comment [insert Twitter link here] further bolstered the forward momentum of the TRADE project, mirroring the team’s collective optimism and commitment towards the monumental project.

IOTA’s Value in Motion

Adding an element of real-time analytics, the TRADE project includes a live chart depicting IOTA’s cryptocurrency value. This feature serves as an efficient tool for crypto investors to monitor the cryptocurrency’s performance and adds an intriguing dimension to the primarily tech-centered project.


The TRADE project signifies a significant turning point for Automotive Cyber Systems. By integrating giants such as Filancore, ETO, and THIngolstadt, and harnessing the potential of IOTA’s decentralized technology, the project promises a more secure and interoperable future for autonomous driving. As we look forward to its conclusion in 2024, results from THIngolstadt’s testing phase will offer a closer look at the practicalities and potential of this compelling endeavour.

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