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Worldcoin Launches Next-Generation Iris Recognition Identity Tool in Singapore

Worldcoin (WLD), an identity and payments platform, has launched World ID 2.0 in Singapore using Orb, an iris recognition device, to accurately verify users’ identities. This marks a key expansion for Worldcoin’s digital identity solution.

Open-Sourcing World ID and Orb Technology

The World ID tool and the iris recognition pipeline were open-sourced by Worldcoin in mid-December, allowing developers to build applications using the technology. Open-sourcing the technology aims to accelerate progress towards digital identity solutions that are private, decentralized and accessible.

Expanding Verification Locations in Singapore

Locations for World ID verification Orb devices in Singapore can be found on the Worldcoin Orb locations page. Tools for Humanity (TFH), affiliated with the Worldcoin project, has joined Singapore’s ACCESS and the Singapore Fintech Association (SFA) to contribute to the region’s innovation environment.

Growing Globally with New Launches

World ID verifications are expanding globally with new launches in Spanish cities like Sevilla, Bilbao, Malaga, Mallorca and Madrid as well as German cities such as Cologne, Leipzig, Berlin and Nuremberg. In South America, Chile has added new verification locations in Concepcion, Curico and Viña del Mar. Argentina saw over 10,000 verifications in one day.

Notable App Growth

The Worldcoin project’s World App, compatible with World ID, has surpassed 5 million downloads and reported over 30 million transactions. World App is ranked as the 5th most popular hot wallet globally according to CoinGecko and has 1.7 million monthly active users (MAUs).

Reflecting on a Landmark Year

The Worldcoin project has achieved many milestones in 2023, including reaching 1 million verifications in January and the introduction of World ID and SDK in March. This highlights the growing impact of Worldcoin’s solutions on the digital identity and finance arena.

According to the official statement from Worldcoin: https://worldcoin.org/blog/announcements/singapore-launch-user-growth-expansions-landmark-year-worldcoin

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