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XRP Price Dips Amid Rising Fortunes and TG.Casino Prepares for Potential Rally

XRP Price Dips Amid Rising Fortunes and TG.Casino Prepares for Potential Rally

In the crypto market, followings are always accompanied by rapid fluctuations. Over the last week, XRP, the digital currency utilized by Ripple, witnessed a 2% drop in its price. This slight decline is in contrast with its impressive 35% increase over the last 30 days, and a 17% rise within the past fortnight. Meanwhile, TG.Casino prepares for a potential rally on exchanges towards the end of the year.

XRP’s Index Sinks While Averages Climb

XRP’s relative strength index (RSI) is teetering towards 60, a statistics that may imply strengthened selling pressure. Despite this financial face-off, the 30-day average of XRP continues its steady ascension, surpassing the 200-day average.

This potentially concerning disparity between the short-term RSI’s and the long-term market outlook is tempered by a steady rise in the currency’s supportive market since late October. This uptick in the support level showcases the resilience the currency has shown amidst market volatilities.

Ripple Savors Courtroom Success Against SEC

Despite the mixed market performance, Ripple has been enjoying a fruitful phase on the legal front. Battling the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) over the past few months, the company has secured significant victories and has thus been able to steadily continue its business operations.

American regulators’ loosened grip on Ripple has alleviated concerns among investors, contributing to amped optimism over XRP. Market analysts suggest that in light of these developments, XRP is poised to hit the $0.80 mark in the upcoming weeks and potentially usher in the New Year at around $1.

TG.Casino: Promising Outlook with Strong Community Backing

In contrast, TG.Casino, operating on the Telegram platform, has successfully raised over $1.9 million during its presale stage and firmly set its foot into the booming crypto casino industry. This development has marked the commencement of a new era of online gambling through its already launched casino platform.

In addition to hosting over 6,000 members in its community, TG.Casino released its native token, TGC, priced at $0.155. The token has a maximum supply of 100 million and has introduced a lucrative opportunity for holders to earn passive income by staking their token.

As the year-end approaches, TG.Casino braces for a list down of its token on exchanges where it’s likely to rally big. This could potentially signify a major bid for the token and an exponential increase in its price.

As the dynamics of the cryptocurrency market continue to evolve, both Ripple and TG.Casino exemplify the deep-seated potentials and risks that this innovative sector provides. In a constantly changing landscape for digital currencies, future developments will undoubtedly reveal themselves in interesting ways.


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