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yPredict Uses AI to Minimize Crypto Trading Errors

AI-based crypto trading tools for better decision making

yPredict is an emerging AI-powered crypto project aiming to transform cryptocurrency trading through the use of machine learning and predictive analytics ( Predictive AI). The project, which recently raised $5.5 million in a presale campaign, offers traders AI-driven insights and trading signals to minimize human error and maximize profitability.

yPredict’s key features include providing AI-powered trading signals for major cryptocurrencies, as well as a prediction marketplace where data scientists can list and sell their models. The platform generates free price predictions for cryptoassets, while premium services require a subscription that uses the native YPRED utility token.

YPRED token holders also benefit from staking rewards of up to 45% per quarter (yPredict tweet), providing a possible passive income route.

According to Jacob “Crypto” Bury, yPredict’s platform has “expertise across AI, fintech, and crypto and focuses on predictive analytics and trading solutions” that can yield long-term growth for early adopters.

With over 20,000 users already signed up in its waitlisted beta phase, yPredict aims to disrupt the crypto trading market through the power of AI. Once listed on exchanges in Q1 2024, the yPredict New Presale INSANE AI Crypto Launch – Next 10x Crypto is expected to see significant value accretion.


In summary, yPredict represents an emerging AI crypto project that leverages machine learning and predictive analytics to provide data-driven crypto trading tools. With a presale raise of $5.5 million to date and key features like AI trading signals and a marketplace for AI models, yPredict shows promise in minimizing human errors in cryptocurrency trading through the power of AI.


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