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YPredict’s Presale Raises Over $5.8 Million With Promising Indicators

The presale of the upcoming cryptocurrency YPredict (YPRED) has raised over $5.8 million, nearing its hard cap of $6.5 million. This indicates strong interest and potential in the project, which features an innovative AI-powered platform for crypto analytics.

Key Takeaways

  • YPredict (YPRED) is raising funds through an ongoing presale, with over $5.8 million raised so far out of a $6.5 million hard cap.
  • The YPRED coin’s presale price has appreciated to $0.11, with analysts predicting a listing price of $0.12, indicating 10% growth potential.
  • The YPredict platform utilizes AI to provide real-time tools for sentiment analysis, technical analysis, and market manipulation detection.
  • The YPredict community includes over 20,000 users and 25,000 Telegram members.
  • YPredict plans to introduce new features such as a repository and marketplace in 2024.

YPredict aims to provide advanced cryptocurrency analytics through an AI-based platform. The project’s Telegram community currently stands at 25,000 members, indicating strong interest. The successful presale rounds so far suggest investors are confident in YPredict’s product.

In this promotional video, YPredict outlines their core features like real-time sentiment analysis through Twitter data via their embeddable widgets. They also showcase their Alt_Pump_001 tool for detecting market manipulation attempts.

As shown in this tweet, YPredict’s tools analyze millions of data points to provide insightful analytics for cryptocurrency traders and investors. Another tweet highlights their technical analysis features.

Exciting Roadmap on the Horizon

YPredict plans to introduce new features like the yPredict Repository and Marketplace in 2024. The repository will provide an archive of comprehensive altcoin reports, while the marketplace aims to connect crypto projects with service providers.

With strong fundamentals and an encouraging presale, YPredict appears poised to shake up the crypto analytics space upon launch. However, investing in cryptocurrencies remains a high-risk endeavor, so proceed with caution. The presale for YPRED coins remains open, though it could close once the price reaches $0.12.


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